Monday, May 19, 2008

Second Day in Paradise

Today I helped Komatsu get one of their trucks running. I spent the day Sunday working on the truck over a brake problem. I was told a truck nor the technicians would not be released for any training until the truck was cleared for use. The Komatsu regional service rep. (from Scotland) had been working on the truck for a couple of days. It was a problem he or I have never seen before. After a number of hours I told him according to the prints, the problem, is not a problem but a new design on these trucks. He did not accept my theory, but called the factory design engineers anyway. After we got back to camp (10 hours later) he received a call stating it was a new improvement to the brakes on these trucks and is designed to work that way. He humbled himself and said I was right. He took me to the camp bar and treated me to a coke. So I get to the class and the technicians are ready for training, but still no manuals. They are held up in customs.

The technician skill levels are very low, but they want to learn anything and everything about the new equipment. Their minds are like sponges. It's a great status to work at the mine; they make about $250 per month. Working anywhere else others clear about $100 per month.

Very hot today with the humidity around 90%, keep this up and I should drop some weight. The locals are all very slim and trim from walking and riding the bikes everywhere. We go to the mine at 5:00 am and got back to the camp around 6:00 pm. Around 6:30 am the miners show up they are walking. They walk about 6 miles on the average. No personal autos in town and only few motor bikes.

I asked about laundry. They will do it, I just have to put my dirty clothes in a pile and they will collect it to wash. I was told not to include my socks though. There is a big black market for socks they will not come back.

It's 7:15 pm and the cafe opens at 7:00am and closes at 8:00pm. The electricity shuts off because of high fuel cost so I will have to get there before it closes. I also have no way of keeping of with the news. Did the Jazz do any good?

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