Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 3 - May 20, 2008

It's 2:00 A.M. I'm awakening up to some strange sounding birds in the camp and the small lizards running across the top of the tent chasing bugs.

The CDs were a great idea, Thanks Eve! It's the only entertainment I have. On rare occasion you may hear someone playing some music. I am making lots of new friends from all around the world. The mine is new venture for Barrick Gold (the same company in Elko) and very disorganized. Transportation is very limited. The mine is 6 miles from the camp, and you wait to get a ride with someone. Lucky for me, Guy (the Scottish rep.) has a auto, the locals are very content with their life and work at a slower pace that us Americans are use to, I will have to adjust my training to adapt.

It's funny the miners have started calling me Ba-boo. I ask what that means, it means "old man". The term is not disrespectful but just the opposite. In this society the older you are the more you are looked up to, they seek the elder of the village for his advise and guidance. Very different from the U.S. Guy, until I arrived, was the Ba-boo. We were having a casual talk and the question of age came up. Guy made the comment he had been working on equipment for 30 years and had not seen the type of problem we were having. I said I also have 30 years experience in mining. He asked when I was born, I told him 1947. He also was born in 1947 in June I told him I was born in January. I guess the locals over heard the conversation and spread the word that "a new Ba-boo was here". As I was leaving the gate guard stopped me and ask "Ba-boo can you take me to U.S.?" I hope I don't have a flood of this type of requests.

Another funny thing happened, after work we went to the bar for a drink Steve (Australian contractor installing cameras on the equipment) he said "I am going to drink this coke (he, myself and about six others don't drink alcohol) take a show and will meet you for tea." After he left "I asked why would he drink at the bar, clean up and then drink tea?" I was told by another man from Indonesia that tea in Australia means "dinner" so I went and had tea with Steve. Better try and sleep have to be at work in 2 hours (5:00 am).

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