Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 10

Just got back into the camp site after the 2nd day of class 3. Started covering the hydraulic systems. In the states this takes about 4 hours to cover all systems. Started at 7:30 AM on the steering system. I finished up around 5:00 PM (still have the brakes, grease, hoist and brake cooling to go). I decided I am going get my point across to these men. I think I went over the systems 6 times and I feel they are starting to understand. The proof will be tomorrow when I ask them for an explanation. These are great people, not an arrogant one among them. Several of the students came to me during the breaks and expressed their thanks that I go slow and answer questions. Noel said "Ba-boo you are good teacher. You don't get mad at us like the other white men because we don't understand." I guess, that compliment makes the trip a success. I have seen how the other men treat them. They say they will never learn a d--- thing they are too stupid.

Fred Owen, the mechanical project supervisor from Australia, came to the bar after work last night for a couple of drinks. Steve, who has lived in Africa for some years, said “Fred you better get to the doctor you have Malaria!"
“No mate I just got a cold" Fred replied.
The next morning Fred did not show up for breakfast. We drove over to his camp (Fred lives in another camp). He comes to ours for a hot meal of ham, bean, and rice for breakfast. He was in bed and could not move. We got him to the clinic for treatment. He started feeling better around 2:00 PM and tried to go to work. He made a couple of steps and had another attack. They put him back in bed and said he may be down for weeks. Malaria is the #1 killer of people in Tanzania (#2 is AIDS).

Nicole I may not be able to get you the Tanzanite you wanted. There is nothing around this area and I will be in Dar for short time. I was told the duty on valuable stones is quite high also. I have taken some good photos again today will send the ASAP.

Better go to dinner (beans, ham and surprise meat). They close at 8:00 PM. Love you all and Eve YES, before you ask, I am taking all of my pills.

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